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10 fashion hacks every woman needs to know

mariana d.
Posted: 2015-08-08

1) We all have a piece of clothing that continues to smell in spite of all our efforts to correct this. There is a simple solution to remove odors from clothing: mix water and vodka and spritz the mixture to the area that smells. Problem solved. 2) What happens if we have red wine stains on our light colored clothes? You can remove them by blotting with a piece of cloth soaked in white wine. Easy, right? 3) You can waterproof canvas shoes and bags by rubbing them with beeswax. They will last longer and never get stained. 4) If you want your bobby pins stuck to your hair you should spray them with hairspray before using them. This way you can expect your updo to last from day to night. 5) Use your hair straightener to iron tricky and small parts of your clothes, like collars. 6) You can also use hairspray to prevent runs in your tights. 7) Salad spinners are not exclusively for drying your greens; you can dry hand-washed clothes with them. 8) Use baby powder to remove oil stains from leather. Apply directly to the stain and let it sit overnight. 9) If you got caught out in the rain while using your new leather booties, donīt freak out. Spray the stain with a mixture of cold water and vinegar and rub until the stain is gone. 10) If you love a fresh smell in your underwear drawer you have to put little canvas bags filled with lavender flowers. The fragrance will last for months.

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