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4 essential questions before marriage

neda haghighat
Posted: 2015-01-07

Although marriage is not a logical suitability and adequacy, but only love is not enough to make a brilliant life. If you think you've found your future consort and despite all the problems, your love is still strong, ask yourself these questions. Do you like to be one of her/his family member? With marriage, you're a member of a new family just like their new son or daughter. Do you welcome in new family or have a bad feeling about it? If you think you and your personality are higher than this new family, your and your family are feeling bad or they think so, do not think your consortís account is separated from her/his family. Each individual agent behavior and appearance of own family, and even if it is able to distinguish it from you, again at the root, it will be the same. More importantly, it is impossible to separate a person from her/his family. Do not try it after your marriage, your consort and your relationship with your family away. Good marriages are successful, however, when the opposition or disagreement with family comes loose and will crumble soon. As the father/mother of the child you are proud of? Think do you like her/him as the mother or father of your child? Do you accept her/his characteristics? Her/his face? Her/his behavior? If you do not like your child, you'll like the legacy left by the spouse is not doubt that the marriage was not successful. Even if you decide not to have children, you will never again have to ask yourself this question and the answer. Children are not relevant, but it is important that you respect your partner's behavior and appearance and how deeply you like it. How do you feel, if you want to introduce her/him to your friend? This question also appears to include your consortís appearance and manner. Her/his behavior in public places is an honor for you or cause you shame? Usually things we never get bored of them would not be pleasant. The beauty may be normal, not normal, but never ugly. Not bored of being alone with him? Many people think they know from the beginning, under any circumstances, can survive together. Under the open sky and land on the floor, still love & will live. These romantic dreams are very often wrong. If you want to know whether or not you have found a suitable partner, imagine you are in an uninhabited island prison with her/him. Do you think you have an interesting or adventurous life full of boredom and silence and bitterness? Are you ready to take life on a desert island? Enough to give you speak? If the answer to these questions is yes, you can pass this stage to cheers.

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