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If you have very large folders to delete, deleting it through Windows File Explorer will take a very long time. Using a command through command prompt or PowerShell is the quickest to delete lar
Posted: 1 day ago | BY: Abdi Isse
It's easy to create and restore a system image in Windows 10. The system image is a complete snapshot of your device at the time you take the image including the drive partitions, operating syst
Posted: 2 days ago | BY: SpiderTip
Windows 10 can be reset to factory default by cleaning the system from all the apps, settings, and data. You would normally use this option if your device is having problems, corrupted operating
Posted: 1 week ago | BY: SpiderTip
There are two types of digital assessments in the online learning activities.rnrn1. Formative Assessmentrn2. Summative AssessmentrnrnLet me discuss it with you separately….rnrn1. Formative Asse
Posted: 1 week ago | BY: Jehangir Shah
As a Windows 10 user, you should be familiar with Windows 10 privacy settings and change them according to your own terms by allowing what information or data you want to share and what to disall
Posted: 2 weeks ago | BY: SpiderTip
How to link OneDrive with Windows 10rnrnWindows 10 has now OneDrive as a folder on your file explorer. Syncing the folder with your cloud OneDrive storage is a seamless process. You will need t
Posted: 3 weeks ago | BY: SpiderTip
How to share OneDrive file or folder on Windows 10?rnrnYou can share a file or folder stored on your cloud based One-Drive storage. rnrnTo do this, rnrn1. Go to your OneDrive folder on your file
Posted: 3 weeks ago | BY: SpiderTip
Windows 10 Clipboard is made to copy and paste content from one application, one page, one cell, or one device to another. This feature is a bit advanced on Windows 10 than the previous operatin
Posted: 3 weeks ago | BY: SpiderTip
Windows 10 shared Experiences allow you to share data between devices such as sending messages, weblinks, and open apps across other devices including other Windows 10 computers, Windows 10 Mobil
Posted: 4 weeks ago | BY: SpiderTip
If you tried to change your Windows 10 system protection settings and found it's greyed out and cannot be changed. There is a solution. You will have to go the local computer group policy and d
Posted: 1 month ago | BY: SpiderTip
Windows 10 storage management gives a lot more information about the space on your system and how it's utilized than the previous Windows operating systems. You can easily see the available spac
Posted: 1 month ago | BY: Abdi Isse
Windows 10 Focus Assist helps you focus by blocking distractions from your computer applications such as notifications, sounds, and alerts. Previously called quite hours, focus assist is create
Posted: 1 month ago | BY: Abdi Isse

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