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Workaround fix for this error message: Your file wasn't saved because we cannot merge your changes with changes made by someone else using an older version of excelrnrn1) Right-click oneDrivern2)
Posted: 4 weeks ago | BY: SpiderTip
You are not alone if your computer crashes when you try to print after installing the latest Windows 10 updates released on March 17, 2020. Update KB5000802 is creating problems for many people.
Posted: 4 months ago | BY: SpiderTip
Normally, when you plug in your headset to the computer, it should auto detect and auto set. Sometimes it asks you to switch to the headset when you plug it in if you are using minijack headset.
Posted: 4 months ago | BY: SpiderTip
If your network is disconnecting when your Windows 10 device is locked on newer Windows 10 versions, the solution is to make change in the registry. You may notice your VPN discounting after log
Posted: 7 months ago | BY: Abdirahman Isse
Windows 10 Snap is a feature that allows you to snap a desktop window to the left or right of the screen. You can drag the window until you see shadowy background and release or use Window Ke
Posted: 10 months ago | BY: SpiderTip
Windows 10 provides you ways to separate tasks with virtual desktops. You can create as many virutal desktops as you like or your screen is capable of displaying.rnrnTo create a new Virtual Desk
Posted: 10 months ago | BY: SpiderTip
Use the command-line command WinVer to check the Windows 10 version of your PC or you can check the version under the settings.rnrnTo check via command-line:rnIn CMD Commanlet or in the Windows s
Posted: 10 months ago | BY: SpiderTip
How to change Windows 10 default sound devicernrnThere are few ways to change the Windows default sound device to speaker, headset, wireless or Bluetooth device.rnrnTo change the default sound de
Posted: 10 months ago | BY: SpiderTip
If you have created a Windows 10 recovery image of your system, you can easily restore it to your device by booting it from USB recovery disk or by using the Windows 10 recovery options.rnrnTo re
Posted: 11 months ago | BY: SpiderTip
The classic Windows Control Panel is not visible on the main Windows 10 interface but can be accessed through the Windows search box or control panel command. There are some settings that can onl
Posted: 1 year ago | BY: SpiderTip
Deleting a specific type of files with known extension recursively is an easy process using the Windows command prompt. For example, the command below will find all the zip files or all the file
Posted: 1 year ago | BY: SpiderTip
If you have very large folders to delete, deleting it through Windows File Explorer will take a very long time. Using a command through command prompt or PowerShell is the quickest to delete lar
Posted: 1 year ago | BY: Abdirahman Isse

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