wooden sunglasses are the hottest new trend

It used to be that a plastic pair of Ray Ban sunglasses was all you needed to look cool on your drive to the mall. Then, the Frappuccino crowd caught on to Oakley’s with their wrap-around frames. It wasn’t long before the guys at the water cooler were sporting Maui Jims with neck cords – even when they were inside!

Today, the hottest trend is sunglasses made in America AND made from real wood. You probably didn’t know that most sunglasses sold are made at factories in China. Yes, Maui Jims are not made on the beaches of Lahaina. And Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses are not made by Air Force subcontractors. In fact, these and most other sunglasses are actually made in China – and none of these factory workers have ever been to Maui or seen the movie Top Gun!

It’s good to know that some sunglasses are actually made in America. There’s a new brand of sunglasses from Hawaii craftsmen Martin & MacArthur which is made from actual Koa wood that grows only in Hawaii. This radiant hardwood is known for its deep, rich color and fluttering wavy grain patterns. Besides Koa, Martin & MacArthur wood sunglasses are made with other exotic hardwoods such as Italian Ebony, Zebrawood, Mahogany, Rosewood, and Bubinga.

All of Martin & MacArthur wooden sunglasses are made with woods from sustainable forests, so you don’t have to worry about your carbon footprint getting dirty. In fact, Martin & MacArthur does not use plastic to make its sunglasses, so you are actually helping save our ozone. You might say, you delayed global warming by a day if you buy a pair of wooden sunglasses.

Years from now, your eyes will thank you, too. That’s because Martin & MacArthur sunglasses are made with premium lenses that block out 100% of the UVA/UVB rays. So, you might say that wearing these specialized wooden sunglasses will help prevent crows’ feet around your eyes and possible cataract surgery when you get older. The company features over 25 different style and wood combinations of sunglasses in styles for men and women.

Besides wood sunglasses, the good craftsmen of Martin & MacArthur also feature a beautiful line of wood watches. These links and face of these watches are made from solid carved woods such as Koa. Each link is connected by hand to form a comfortable fit. Martin & MacArthur features over 100 different styles of wood watches, including the only self-winding automatic wood watch. It also has new styles with mother of pearl faces and moon phase dials.

So, you might say, with Martin & MacArthur wood sunglasses and wood moon phase watch, you’ve got it made in the sun and the moon.


Written by Michael Tam, who is a wood enthusiast and likes watches of all types, but loves wood watches, the best.

Publisher: martin macarthur

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