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Windows 8 is the latest Microsoft operating system but might not be the greatest user friendly operating system.
Microsoft changed the traditional interface of its operating system in this latest release of Windows 8 specially the Start Menu which used to be the gateway to the all the applications.

Fortunately there are tons of visual online training options that could help you learn Windows 8 so you can properly maneuver around without struggle.

Some online Windows 8 training courses providers include:
1) – Full online IT related video training provider

2) – Pluralsight is a rich library of full-length online training courses for developers and IT pros by the best authors in the business

3) VTC – VTC is one of the world’s leading producers of online computer and software training, supplying individuals, businesses, education providers, and non-profit organizations with instant access to richly diverse courses of informative and inspiring tutorials.

4) Windows 8 Jump Start – Free online and fast-paced training courses designed specifically for experienced IT professionals with jobs that demand that they know how to best leverage the emerging features and technologies in Windows 8.

5) – Windows 8 training intended for IT professionals and advanced users

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