windows 10 navigation screen preview not review

How Does Microsoft Windows 10 look like?

Return of the pull-up start menu for desktops combined with icon menu for touch screen devices is one of the new looks of Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10. A feature called Continuum handles transitions between interface modes, desktop friendly interface for computers that have mouse/keyboard attached and one optimized for touch-screen tablets or mobile devices.

Windows 10 boots to the traditional desktop with pull-up start menu. No more complicated Windows 8/8.1 tap screen or search screen to open up and simple desktop program. Windows 10 brings back the original windows desktop mode.

Return of traditional Windows 7 start menu on Windows 10 with better access for touch-screen devices. Multi-navigation mode for your preference or based on type of device.

Application start menu – quick gateway to access all your installed applications and programs.

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