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More often than not, you are now at the point in your life where you have to read important files sent to you using a PDF reader.Usually, Adobe Reader is the program you need to view these types of files. Perhaps it would even be an impulse reaction to look for the newest version of Adobe Reader over the Internet, as it is the most popular one to use. However, there exist many other applications that can be considered alternatives to Adobe Reader. Not only can they read PDF files, but they have different features that allow them to stand out. Read on to find out what some of these programs are.

Built-in PDF Reader:

A simple application that comes with Google Chrome It doesn’t really have any interesting features, but it is the fastest and simplest way to read PDF files. As it is already built in a web browser, it makes it so that you do not have to open anything else or have a certain program installed; Google Chrome lets you read PDF files straight from the browser. It’s so convenient, Mozilla has plans on adding a similar program in their next version of Firefox, and Windows 8 has been confirmed to have a built-in PDF reader.

Foxit Reader:

Foxit Reader is also somewhat well-known, almost serving as the first alternative to Adobe Reader. Its features include highlighting, built-in annotation and a few PDF editing features, among others. The only downside is that it installs a toolbar and that it makes changes on your browser upon installation. Despite this, it is a very useful program that offers different features and deserves to be considered a good alternative to Adobe Reader.

Sumatra PDF Reader:

Sumatra PDF Reader is praised for its simplicity, making it a worthy alternative to Adobe Reader. While it lacks features, Sumatra PDF Reader uses a very simple interface, making it a useful portable app. It also loads PDF files with great speed, and uses keyboard shortcuts for even faster reading. Best of all, Sumatra PDF Reader can support a number of different formats, allowing you to read ebooks with it. Its simplicity, along with being able to support other formats, makes it a good choice for a PDF reader.

Nitro PDF Reader:

Nitro PDF Reader is also a worthy alternative to the Adobe Reader. Not only does it use a simple interface, but it also houses other features, like allowing you to add the clicked pictured of your signature. Not only that, Nitro PDF Reader has the ability toconvert files to PDF files, PDF files to file text, and even extract images from the PDF files.

PDF-XChange Viewer:

PDF-XChanger Viewer, like the Sumatra PDF Reader, is simple to use and is free. Nothing much can be said about this program, but it is a good tool to use as an alternative to Adobe Reader.
And these are 5 PDF Readers you can use other than Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader is a popular tool, but it is beat out by the above-mentioned programs, which uses a number of different features, and can be easy to use.

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