what to wear to a concert

Why does it matter to pick out your clothes for a concert? Well, for one, it’s a chance to express your love to the musical artist that’s having the concert. Two, it’s also a chance for you to get noticed by other concert goers and meet new friends. And if you’re lucky, you might get noticed by the artist himself. So what is the best thing to wear to a concert?

Something that Suits the Genre – Firstly, it depends on the type of concert you’re going to. Follow the trend set by the artist, whether it’s a girly girl outfit, a casual one, or something that involves rugged jeans and tops. Dress appropriately. It’s best to wear what everyone is expected to wear unless you plan to stand out amongst the crowd.

Closed Shoes – Unless you want your toes to get stomped on all night, don’t wear open toed shoes. As much as possible, stick to rubber shoes and closed doll shoes. Since the concert will be on for hours, and you’re sure to jump and sing along all night, comfort must be chosen over style. Pretty shoes don’t always a good job of protecting your feet, you know.

Fit and Comfortable Clothes – Since you’re going to move a lot, wear something fitted or something that won’t need constant adjusting. You need to wear something that gives you the liberty of easy movement to express your utmost love for the artist on the stage. It’s easier to rock out in your ol’ reliable shirt and jeans than in a complicated laced dress. Keep it simple.

Something with Secure Pockets – It’s not really advisable to bring a bag to a concert; even a small body bag isn’t always good for your stuff. And thus, wear something with secure pockets for your essentials like your wallet, phone and ticket. Make sure its pocket it deep and/or secure enough, that when you jump around or even ride the wave of the crowd, your stuff won’t fall off.

Publisher: pauline c. tome

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