what to wear on a first date

First dates are a series of firsts all jammed up into one: first chance to get to know each other better and your first and probably the only chance to make a great impression on your date—to know whether you’re worthy enough to pursue. Although the date is mostly about how you act and how you are generally as a potential partner, how you look still matters.

So what should you wear on your first date? Before anything, you should know what kind of date it is. Dress appropriately. Wearing a suit and tie for a simple movie is too much and wearing plain jeans and a shirt for a fancy restaurant dinner is too less. So before anything, know what kind of date it is. If your date for the evening says it’s a surprise, then there’s no harm for asking hints or what you should wear, instead of being clueless the whole day. It’s also important to wear something you’re comfortable in. Trust me, no matter how good your clothes are, you will ruin its style if you look uncomfortable in it. Wear something that also highlights your assets. For a more detailed instructions refer to the list below:

Casual Dates

For casual dates like movies, coffee and ice cream dates, picnics and the like, dress casually. For both guys and girls, it’s best to stick to your good pair of jeans and best shirt/top. Girls could go with a nice skirt too. Footwear can either be flat shoes, sandals or rubber shoes—depending on your preference.

Fancy Dates

If the setting is fancy and formal like a restaurant dinner date, watching an opera or ballet and the like, then wear your best tux or dress. Wear some classy accessories like pearls or small diamonds. Tone down your get up, depending on how less formal the setting seems.

Outdoor Dates

For an adventure-type of date, wear something you can easily move in. A good pair of outdoor shorts and your best shirt will do. Don’t forget to bring an extra set of decent clothes ‘cause you are bound to sweat—a lot.

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