top 10 quran learning websites providing quranic classes

Quran is the holy book for Muslims; in fact it is the instruction manual for all of those who seek the right path. As stated inside the Quran, this is a scripture sent from Allah (God) to the last prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) for guiding the human kind to the true path and this holy book contains instructions and solutions to all the questions possible for people till the end of earth time. Learning Quran with meaning and understanding and following the commandments is obligatory for every Muslim. Quran has been sent in Arabic so it is obligatory to learn and recite in Arabic first. If you are not native Arabic speaker you can learn to recite Quran online in Arabic. There are several sites offering the service of teaching Quran reading online. Among them mentioning below the top ten sites that can be considerable when you are looking to learn Quran online. : offers Quran learning online service with proper Tajweed, which in a word means proper pronunciation rules for reciting the Quran. Founded in 2006, it has been serving people from various countries including America and Europe. Packages starts with only 10$ first month to 85$ per month depending on how many days you want to learn. They also provide Quran memorizing means Hafiz-ul-Quran services. : has designed their online Quran learning courses specially for children’s but they also welcomes adults to join their courses. They offer different packages depending on how many days you want to learn and you can also customize your course as per your requirements. : Founded way back in 2005, offer one-to-one live classes for the students with the help of online live video and audio chatting software’s. Besides Quran reciting, they also offer to teach basic Qaida and Arabic grammar courses. is run by a dedicated group of Muslims who want to spread the messages of Quran and Sunnah among the people. They offer 5 days of classes at a fixed cost of 55$ per month. : is run by highly qualified teachers and offers even new Muslims to learn at the lowest rate available at just only 30$/month. Students can set their own class timings. This site is registration free and even offers free teaching services to the deserving candidates. This is a Pakistan based website offers Quran teaching worldwide via internet. They have a one to three month learning course for initial learning then proceeds to Quran reading to make sure proper pronunciation has been taught. : This is the site of International Institute of Online Quran Learning, a New Jersey based online Quran teaching company. Founded in 2007, this site is run by Islamic scholars and offer Quran teaching services to the people aging 4 to 70 years. Their packages starts with 50$ per month. : There are only two individual courses offered by to stay focused on the path of only teaching Quran properly. One is Quran Reading and another is Tajweed course. Almost identical facilities as are provided in this site. Besides Quran learning it also offers various other courses including Hifz-e-Quran, Translation of Holy Quran and even English Language Course. is different to other online Quran teaching sites in terms of variety of courses they offer besides Quran learning and reciting. You can take courses like Tafseer, Quran Translation, Hadith in English, Arabic or Urdu language to get to know more of Islam.

Publisher: Fadiyah Sameh

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