Top 10 best cloud storage or online backup providers

Cloud computing has made our lives much trouble-free by making important files and other related data easily accessible through its backup and instant access facility. A list of some remarkable online storage apps is as follows

1. Google drive
It’s an amazing program, clubbed with provisions for uploading files for free up to 15GB of capacity, working with spreadsheets and word processor, making presentations and getting the photos backed up automatically.

2. Just
An all in one solution that is winning the trust of users since 2010, is It offers unlimited storage space (with just $4.99 per month) for the photos, videos, files and other important documents to be auto backed up that too with assured high grade security.
3. BackBlaze
This noteworthy software comes with unlimited storage, full system restore and auto backup for external drives with the least expensive plan of $3.96/ month with a two year purchase. It’s simple to handle, instant upload and access feature makes it one of the preferred program.

4. Zip cloud
Another cloud storage company that provides unlimited service for online file/folder sharing, file versioning, and computer synchronizing with 100% compatibility and promised data privacy security is Zip cloud.

5. My pc backup
Much similar to any online cloud storage software, Mypcbackup is also featured with basic file sharing, system synchronizing and automated backup service and can be availed as per three plans: Home (from $8.95/mo) – 75GB Basic, Premium (from$9.95/mo) – 250GB Advance and Unlimited (from $12.95/mo)

6. SugarSync
In addition to online backup service, this tool plays much more role by providing synchronizing and sharing of files amongst unlimited number of systems and can also be accessed through smart phones. The services are charged as per three plans: 100 GB for $74.99 /year, 250 GB for $99.99 /year and 500 GB for $249.99 /year

7. Carbonite
Smart software for automatic business cloud backup with assured reliability and uninterrupted file exchange, defines Carbonite. The program is available under Basic ($59.99 /year), Plus ($99.99 /year) and Personal Prime plans ($149.99 /year) and offers unlimited data backup facility with advanced 1 year payment.

8. Crashplan
Unlike other online backups (e.g. carbonite) that offer synchronization of just folder, Crashplan enables whole hard drive synchronization along with unlimited data storage with cost effective plans: $5.99 /month /computer and $13.99 /month/ 10 computers.

9. SOS
SOS is a tough competitor for the paid cloud storage software’s since it offers true value for money with unlimited features for storage and versioning and 100% compatibility with all platforms. It runs on plan (1) for $7.99 /month /computer and plan (5) $39.95 /month for 5 computers.

10. Zoolz
Zoolz is no less than the other mentioned cloud storage programs except in one prospect; speed. It may take upto 3-5 hours for the heavy files to be uploaded and/or shared via Zoolz. For archival purposes zoolz might prove to be a good choice with following available plans :Zoolz Basic : 100 GB for $14.99 /year / computer ;Zoolz Plus : 500 GB for $49.99 /year / 3 computers; Zoolz Family : 1 TB for $79.99 /year / 5 computers; Zoolz Heavy : 4TB for %299.99/year / 5 computers

Publisher: Fadiyah Sameh

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