things to do on a cold winter day

Did your winter plans got cancelled because of heavy snow? Or are you locked inside your house for a day because it’s too ridiculously cold to go outside? Worry not. Look on the bright side: you have all this free time to spend in the comforts of your own home. And it’s not every day that you get the chance to curl up by the couch and just watch the time pass. To turn this slight mishap into something enjoyable, here are some of the things you could do this cold winter day:

Movie Marathon – While it’s nice to go to your local movie theater and watch the latest blockbuster, watching your favorites at home is pretty awesome too. No need to leave the house and no need to pay that much either. Stack up those DVDs and watch them with your family and friends, or sign in to Netflix and watch and entire season of your favorite show.

Read a Book—or Two! – Let’s face it. Cozying up by the fireplace and spending hours reading a good book is definitely in any bookworm’s bucket list. Go and read that novel you put aside months ago because of your busy schedule. Time to let your imagination fly again.

Board Games – Try to take a break from all the technology on this cold day too. Go back to the classic form of entertainment, effective to keep you active and beat boredom long before the apps on your tablet existed: board games. Go through chess, to Monopoly, to Scrabble and to Snakes and Ladders. Getting to beat your sibling in a round of Game of Generals may just be the pick-me-up that you need. Use this opportunity too to teach the younger ones that you can have fun even without their phones, computers or the Internet.

Bake or Cook – Getting stuck inside the house during winter may just be the perfect opportunity to perfect or further improve your baking and cooking skills. Download recipes and work with the ingredients available. Learn a new recipe step by step, or make your own variation of your favorite dish. Experiment different flavors and who knows? You might end up making your own specialty.

Learn a New Hobby – Remember that one thing you always wanted to do, but don’t have the time to learn it? Now’s the time to do it (as long as you can do it indoors, of course). Go to that Youtube channel full of tutorials and learn that new hobby step by step.

A Long Bath – It’s not really a “me” time unless you pamper yourself. And since you can’t go out to get a manicure or a massage, just settle for a long, luxurious bath instead. So go on and light those scented candles, get your favorite bubble soap and maybe a good book. Fill the tub with warm water and hop in. The good thing is: you don’t have to get out for hours if you want to.

Fireplace Camping – If you’re not really into doing anything today, make this your official lazy day. Just go get a comforter and your good pillow. Lay down by the fireplace, maybe put up some music and just relax. You can use this time to contemplate too, or simply just be thankful for this day off.

Publisher: pauline c. tome

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