the cultural dubai festival 2015 at mumbai

This festival is celebrated to bring you with the exotic experience of Dubai, with all of its traditional, creative and business exhibitions. The Cultural Dubai festival 2015 will have various areas of interest like wellness, amusement and cultural activities. This unique idea is aimed at increasing the trade and cultural exchange between Dubai and India.

For this purpose, Mumbai is an excellent location for the cultural Dubai festival 2015 as it is the cultural and financial capital of India. It is one amongst the top ten cities of the world in terms of financial flow around the globe. It is also the most important city in terms of entertainment, as it is the home to the Indian film industry, Bollywood. Because of the beautiful environment and the high living standards of the city, people from all over India are attracted to the city, making it diverse in its culture and traditions. The people of this city are enthusiastic to find new avenues and ways to improve their lives. This makes Mumbai the perfect place for Cultural Dubai festival 2015.

The Cultural Dubai festival 2015 is planned to spread over 24,000 sq ft in the heart of the Mumbai city, the Bandra Kurla Complex. This area is not just the heart of the city but also the heart of most of the business companies in Mumbai. The most elite financial and banking institutions have their headquarters in this area of Mumbai. It is also very close to the upscale residential areas of the city. The area of the festival will have different sections, dedicated to different kinds of exhibitions. It will also constitute an amphitheatre, which will display the culture and tradition of Dubai.
This festival is a one-time opportunity for the exhibitors to give a boost to their product. This festival will have many visitors and clients from both Dubai and Mumbai and therefore your product will be displayed in front of the traders of both the cities.

Dubai is the ultimate business hub of all the middle-east countries. It has emerged as the ultimate destination for trade, business, real estate and transport. It has one of the best breath-taking urban landscapes. It is also popular for sky-high buildings and amazing infrastructure of buildings. Dubai continues to attract people around the globe towards its attracting investment opportunities and attractive job prospects. It is one of the most well-connected cities in the world, having the best connectivity with almost all the major cities of the world. Dubai is definitely creating a unique place for itself in the global economy.

The cultural Dubai festival 2015 is a great opportunity for anyone who is looking for an expansion and boost to their brand, product or even for the ones who are looking starting up with some idea. It will also promote the cultural exchange between the two countries. This festival will also show up Dubai’s culture and tradition. The festival is a great business opportunity for people belonging to almost any sector. The festival will also feature an amusement section for enjoyment.

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