the basics how to disassemble your laptop

There comes a time when your laptop needs cleaning inside out. Whether it is just a cleaning or you want to replace it with some hardware parts, it requires careful disassembling. The cleaning or fixing up a hardware part professionally can be an expensive deal, so no hassle in doing it yourself.
If you are taking your laptop apart yourself and if you did it in the wrong way it could turn out to be disastrous. You will be killing your laptop at the worst, along with cosmetically damaging it. So, it is imperative to go step by step process and get it done cautiously.

The Basics – How To Disassemble Your Laptop

The step by step process goes this way:

Unplugging Power Adapter:

If you forget to unplug the power adapter then all the integrated components and the motherboard is still receiving the power while you are goofing around with the screw driver. Perhaps, the quickest ways to kill the laptop so it is important to unplug it before you wide open it.

Removing the Battery:

It is important to remove the battery which is positioned at the back side of the laptop. The reason for removing the battery is with the battery still on; it is assumed that there are still some links connected between your battery and the laptop. So, let it sit for a few minutes, while you do some dirty work- of course cleaning the laptop.

Removing the Screws:

One by one, you will require removing the screws. For this you might require having a smaller size screwdriver. Also, get a pen and paper with it and write down which screw was fitted where so that you don’t get confused in putting back together. Now that you have removed the screws, you will be able to see the motherboard and tiny cords interconnected with several ports.

Gently Pull It Off:

By removing all the screws, you can now pull it off the cover gently. Whenever you are removing the bottom side/top side of the laptop and nothing budges which means you have missed a screw or two within. Also, in some of the laptops it requires disconnecting hinges that are connecting to the screen or to the rest of the laptop. To completely disconnect your laptop’s LED/LCD screen it is important to disconnect the video cables. If not you will risk of breaking the cord and then no video for you.

Replace The Part Or Just Cleaning:

Now that you have the laptop open in front of you it is your choice now for what reason you wanted to disassemble the laptop. You did it for replacing the particular part than it just you have to pull that part and replace it with the new one.
To clean, you need to have a soft cloth or you can have a cotton swab so that there are no scratches or other kind of damage to the parts. Just remember never to clean it with water. This way you can thorough clean the ducts, fan and entire laptop without harming the components.
The good thing about disassembling your laptop properly is that while assembling it back you will be able to do it quickly and without messing it up. Going step by step process will let you put back all the parts and screw you have dissembled. This way you will safely attach your laptop back in no time.

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