the advantages of using css in terms of search engine optimization

Getting your website ranked first in the search engines is the basic requirement of any website owners, especially if you are running an e-commerce or consultant business. Getting good ranking for your website is not that easy. You need to adopt many customized techniques over a longer term to achieve this goal. It is a highly competitive arena and everyone is searching for more efficient SEO techniques and performance tools to secure a higher ranking.
Using newer SEO methods are becoming more crucial now as there are stricter approaches put forth by Google and other leading search engines in terms of ranking algorithms. The back-to-back introduction of updates like giant Panda and Penguin keeps on challenging the optimization specialists to think more critically in order to adopt more effective SEO ways to survive on top and maintain it overtime. The tabled structure based on HTML tables used by many old-age websites is completely outdated now. The new browsers are not supporting it. On the other hand, CSS is well supported at almost all the web browsers and this can be used as a very effective technique to enhance the SEO performance of your sites.
What CSS is doing in order to enhance SEO of your page is to arrange the pages in a more structured manner, so it will be easier for the crawlers to access the info rightly and increase the visibility of your pages. However, it is not an overnight miracle, but continuous effort and patience is needed to achieve this goal.

Advantage of CSS and Best Practices:
•Making your pages lighter for fast loading:
By using CSS, you can get your pages loaded faster and this can be achieved by reducing the images and server requests. By doing this while developing, it will enhance the loading speed of your site and it will make the process of search engine crawling of your pages easier. It will in turn get your site content indexed properly by the search engines and thereby improve the page ranking.

•Using standard tags to get easily recognized by search engines:
There are many standard tags that are easily definable and recognizable by the search engines. For example, the defined HTML tags for headings like H1 and H2 etc. make it more prominent and visible by using CSS. Search engines can also understand them as tags containing important content. The tip here is to avoid the use of the old-styled font tag etc. to decorate the headings.
•Creating easily crawlable menus:
The search engines like Google identify the ul and li etc. as the links to other important content of the site or to other pages. So, you have to use them mandatory while coding the HTML. Using these HTML standard elements will allow the search engines to easily crawl these and interpret it rightly to get the page indexed accordingly.
•Important content shown first using CSS:
This is an old methodology, but has continued to be very effective. Using this method, one can show the important contents initially by using CSS while working with search engines.
On the other hand, you also may need to know some bad practices with which the CSS can ruin your site’s SEO performance. It is essential to know that the developers usually make these mistakes and they should be avoided in case you want to be successful in your site optimization efforts. Two of the major mistakes, which developers tend to make using CSS is to hide text and using CSS to replace the images etc. This will in turn make it difficult for the search engine crawlers to index your page properly and in turn will be adversely affecting your site performance in terms of SEO.

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