Stacking Cisco Switches – Useful commands

Stacking Cisco Switches – Useful commands

Switch stacking is process of combining two or more switches into single switch by using special cable called Stacking-cable and connecting them through their StackWise ports. Stacked switches become single unit switch. TO build a stcking, the OIS must be same for all the member switches.

Help Commands use with stacking
Use #show version to see the version information, the switch types, and the active Cisco IOS version for each switch.
Use #show switch or #show switch neighbors to see the stack members and their stacking status.

SW03-Stk# show switch
Switch# Role Mac Address Priority State
*1 Master 0015.90g6.a000 15 Ready
2 Member 0015.98ec1.4392 5 Ready

Use #show switch stack-ports to see the stacked ports

SW03-Stk#show switch stack-ports

Switch # Port 1 Port 2
——– —— ——
1 Ok Ok
2 Ok Ok

Anotehr useful command in regards to stacked switches is show platform stack manager all which Displays information related to the management of stacks including the protocol version.

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