some vitamin foods to improve eye sights

Less amount of vitamin can cause eye problems. At any age eye problem can start and by taking some foods it can be naturally solved. Foods are really beneficial for eye sight problems. Below are some healthy diet foods for eye sights.


Our eyes needs vitamin, Salmon contains vitamin B and omega-3 fatty acids as well to protect our vision from becoming damnify.


Garlic has sulfur which protects our eye lenses and makes them stronger over an epoch of time.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is amazingly one of the eminent foods for health. It contains flavanoids which helps to protect the blood vessels in our eyes.


As we know spinach is important for our health as well as our eyes too. It contains caratenoid which is a nutrient. It helps to diminish our chance of muscular collapse in our eyes.


To preserve muscular collapse eyes need lutein, which helps to improve eye sights and save from degeneration. Eggs yolk contains that lutein. Our eyes need protein too. Protein is the main ingredient for our eyes and the eggs contain that protein itself and it’s really helpful to improve our eye sights.


As we know for better eye sights eyes need vitamin A. A less amount of vitamin A may cause different kind of eye problems. Apricots contain a high amount of vitamin A which can improve your eye vision and you don’t have to use glasses.


Carrots are incredibly a best food for our eyes. It has vitamin A which is highly efficacious to your eyes sights.


For poor eye sights we need vitamin E and phytoestrogens. These are nutrients and very essential for our eye sights. Soy contains these nutrient and essential fatty acid which helps to improve eye problems.

Publisher: Fadiyah Sameh

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