some quick fixes for windows 10

Here’s how to deal with Windows 10 common problems.

I’m still waiting for the Windows 10 upgrade

If you are using 7 SP1 or 8.1 and you are waiting for your free upgrade to Windows 10 then you have to register for it. It’s worth checking that you haven’t missed the “upgrade ready” notification. Now open Windows update, click on Check for updates and see if the Upgrade to Windows 10 message appears. When you’re upgrading from a suitable version of windows, Windows 10 will activate normally.

Windows 10 has installed, but you can’t activate it

Windows 10 should activate automatically when it’s installed, but sometime the process failed. If you upgraded from an activated version of windows 7 or windows8 or just installed it with a non-pirated product key, then this is almost assuredly just a temporary glitch. You can also use windows 10 without activating it, but you won’t be able to personalize it by changing colors, desktop theme and so on. If its still not activated then you need to contact Microsoft for help.

My doesn’t work

If you are facing insert hardware problem then you can search on Google for someone with the same problem and see if there’s a solution. If you can’t find anything then an updated drives from the manufacture is the best option. If you upgraded to windows 10 from windows 7 then try downloading and installing the windows 8 driver and this has been known to work.

There are no inbox folders in the Mail app

Windows 10 mail app will show individual inbox folders for each mail account you set up, but it wont be able to show any subfolders within them and nor you can create any. If you have subfolders set up in your webmail account, they won’t appear in Mail and you will need to view them using your web browser. We are hoping that Microsoft may fix this issue in a future update.

Publisher: Fadiyah Sameh

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