some common problems people are having with windows 10

There is truly no question that the response to Windows 10 has been overwhelmingly positive.

In these early days, you can hope to keep running into a reasonable number of issues with Windows 10. In the first place, it’s an early release — indeed, Microsoft has as of now released its first enormous Windows 10 upgrade only one day after launch. Second, as incredible as the response has been so far… it’s still Windows, so there will unavoidable be some bumps on the road. If you update windows 10 in recent days, you can face some common problems.

Activation issues

Some people are facing difficulties when activating Windows 10 once it’s installed. The bad news is there’s nothing you can do on your end to fix it. But the good news is, the issue generally resolves itself after some time.

Chrome is crazy

People who use Chrome browser are running into a cluster of problems with slow-downs and bogging, especially when performing heavy task like video streaming. People have to wait for Google to iron out the bugs but if that doesn’t help then reinstall Chrome.

Where are my favorites?

It’s true that the new Edge browser is much better than Internet Explorer. Edge is simply nice browser that’s quick and clean.

But where are your favorites? Click the … button to open the menu and then click Settings. Scroll to Import favorites from another browser, and then choose your old browser and click Import.

Folder fail

Some users are saying that, there actually is one site where Windows 8 is better than Windows 10. In email app Windows 10 doesn’t allow users to create subfolders when organizing their email. For some people this is hardly an issue.

Connectivity complaints

A number of users are complaining that their Wi-Fi is cutting out and won’t reconnect. This is actually a pretty known problem across all versions of Windows.

Publisher: Fadiyah Sameh

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