How to enable Resource Metering in Server 2012 using PowerShell

Resource Metering is a new feature of Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 that
is designed to make it easy to build tools that measure VM resource usage. It measures things like CPU, memory, disk space,
and network.

To enable Resource Metering, run this command in Powershell console:

Enable-VMResourceMetering -VMName VSServerName – Change the VSServerName to your own server name.


Get-VM -Name VSServerName | Enable-VMResourceMetering

Run this command below to view all Resource Metering statistics on the VM.

Measure-VM -VMName VSServerName


Get-VM -Name VSServerName | Measure-VM | Format-list *

Alternatively, you could save the usage statistics into a report with this command:

$UtilizationReport = Get-VM VSrv1 | Measure-VM

Use this this command to disable the Resource Metering:

Disable-VMResourceMetering -VMName VSServerName


get-vm -name VSServerName | Disable-VMResourceMetering

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