perform disk cleanup for windows xp

To keep you computer run smoothly, you will have to perform regular maintenance. Disk Cleanup Utility enables you to delete files on your hard drive that you may no longer needed and deletes those files on permission. Further more freeing up space on your hard drive, using Disk Cleanup on a regularly can notably improve system performance.

1. Start Disk Cleanup Utility, do one of these steps;
a. Click Start, select All Programs, select Accessories, select System Tools, and click on Disk Cleanup.
b. Click Start, and click Run, type cleanmgr in the box and click Ok.
c. Click Start, click on My Computer, right-click the drive to cleanup, click properties, and click Disk Cleanup icon.

2. If you have multiple drivers or partitions. Select a drive to cleanup and click Ok.

3. Once you run system cleanup utility and the drive analysis is complete. List of file categories will be presented for you to select and delete. You can select all to delete or you can select and delete only types of files you want to empty. Disk Cleanup utility will only list junk files such as downloaded Internet content (cache, applets, ActiveX, etc) , recycle bin files, log files, backup files from previous operating system, offline files, compressed old files, and etc. It will not list required user or system files. Select files and click Ok.


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