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A wood watch will definitely make a man happy. The finest Wood Watchesare made from solid wood with beautiful faces. The craftsmen of Martin & MacArthur have innovative wood watches made with Koa, the beautiful iridescent wood that grows only in Hawaii. They have Koa watches with mother of pearl faces or moon phase dials. But, the best wood watch is the automatic, self-winding watch with a skeleton, see-through, 21-jewel movement. Sapphire crystal face, of course, the finest in the world.

One of the finest companies to feature their own wood watches is Martin & MacArthur. When you buy a Martin & MacArthur watch you get a FREE KOA BOX. Our Hawaii craftsmen create beautiful Koa wood boxes for our solid Koa watches. The Koa box comes FREE with the purchase of any Koa watch. After all, it is only fitting that our Koa watches come in boxes made with the exact same Koa. Only at our stores and right here.

Let’s face it, men love wood accessories. This year, forget the stuff he never wears or the cheap-smelling, musk colognes. Give the man in your life something innovative, made from wood.

 Koa Wood Watches

A Koa Eternity Ring is something he can wear all the time, and be proud. The best Koa rings are made with hard tungstenmetal casing, not titanium. Tungsten will never scratch and always stays shiny. Titanium is lightweight and scratches easily. Give him a ring that will last forever, made with Koa and tungsten.

For the guy that loves sunglasses, get him wood sunglasses. The solid wood frames are made with exotic, sustainable woods such as Koa, Italian Ebony, Mahogany, and Walnut. Martin & MacArthur has over 20 different styles of wood sunglasses. Each has premium lenses that provide full spectrum, 100% protection from the UVA/UVB rays.You can get more info here.

These Koa/wood sunglasses are stylish, eco-friendly, and provide maximum UVA/UVB protection. Each pair of our Koa sunglasses is made with our own private stock of Koa wood harvested form the Big Island of Hawaii. Our premium sunglasses are made with patented, wood composite frames onto which the Koa veneer is applied.

The frames are made from 100% sustainable, non-endangered woods. This unique development process creates sunglasses that are curved to fit the contour of the head. This makes our Koa sunglasses comfortable and easy to wear. The wood is shaped to fit snugly on the head, and now slide off. The hinges are imported from Switzerland because these are the finest, most durable hinges we could find.

Premium lenses offer 100% UVA/UVB protection from the broad spectrum of harmful run rays. Furthermore, our lenses are made with a special patented anti-glare technology that blocks out the reflective glare from the sun which is the most blinding. We are proud to offer such high quality, performance sunglasses made of Koa and other hardwoods. Our sunglasses are made in the United States — unlike most sunglasses that are now made in China. We offer a variety of styles of wood sunglasses for men and women.

The Koa iPhone case is perfect for the guy who loves to stay connected. Martin and MacArthur has solid Koa iPhone cases carved from individual chunks of Koa wood. Styles to fit iPhone 5/5S and 4. ***

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By Michael Tam, an avid wood watch collector.Michael has over 25 different wood watches, but his most prized wood watches are the Martin & MacArthur Moon Phase and Automatic, Self-Winding wood watches.

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