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Outsourcing provides significant leverage to companies that are burdened with activities that may affect their bottom line margins. Specialists are the managed service providers which makes up by reducing and controlling operating costs of the customer at large. Potential has picked up since Bharati Tele Ventures signed a 10-year deal with IBM worth approx. $750 million. Outsourcing services is again a matter of how and who innovates better for the end client.

Services when Outsourced to a Managed Service provider is always a matter of improved services and is a key element for the customer who believes that his business is in safe hands. Business processes are outsourced for better reengineering as well as to people with better capability and in order to mitigate the risks. Standardizing as per industry standards for the MSP also helps the business to do better and get into a league for improved processes and standards. Standardized Business Processes, IT applications as well as services linked to it.

Improved Infrastructure sharing and better utilization of available Infrastructure makes it more enterprising for the managed service provider. Infrastructure sharing for an Outsourcing services provider who can potentially be an active Managed Service Provider means 1) Reduction of costs in creating infrastructure for the MSP 2)Faster service outlay and delivery mechanism 3) Improvement and focus on quality of service provided

Best part for the customer is he gets specialized support from the MSP at a subsidized shared cost as infra is shared as per need only. On the other hand, the tension of handing statutory /regulatory and legal obligations is least there. Besides knowledge sharing amongst those in the facility is a big churner of opportunities for customers who opt for Outsourcing services with help of a MSP. Outsourcing Services Is a success when the MSP has a better understanding of the business than the rest in the business. Can provide the edge to supersede performances through his resources. Alignment of thought processes in Outsourcing Services is equally important and essential.

An ISO 27001 kind of certification of an MSP always helps in staying ahead and ensuring standards are met to ensure environment is secure and information is well protected. Getting updated to leading practices also helps customer and their resources to learn better practices. Outsourcing services is no more a taboo but a necessity for companies so as to give the business to a potentially safe provider called IT Managed Service provider.

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