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Business experts believe that an uninterrupted functioning of IT infrastructure such as website, server and other services can work wonders for an associated business. It can easily be concluded that for a business which runs and breathes with the help of critical IT Infrastructure, can get severely affected due to unplanned outage of systems and applications. Systems and applications showing inconsistent performance can not only lead to falling of productivity but can also leave a noticeable void in annual revenues. Considering network stability as the need of the hour, various business houses have turned to outsourced services.

With Automated network monitoring systems acting as an expensive and unfriendly affair, outsourced NOC Services serve as a friendly and safer bet. Recent surveys have shown that companies offering NOC Services to business giants are on the rise. Market critics have pointed out that Network Operations Centre Services offered by these technology hubs not only assist a company in monitoring and attending to outages on their networks but also help in keeping their business on the run 24*7

The Network Operations Centeris a group of people whose role it is to monitor and respond to computer and networking events that signify possible disruptions or outages in a wide array of information technology services. The staff of the NOC works 24 by 7, 360 days of the year – round the clock. Those other five days, all major holidays, the NOC is in “unattended mode,” but technical staff still receives notifications through automated monitoring systems.

A NOC monitors computer hardware, software, and networks. To avoid any kind of disruptions in the service, NOC personnel use tools, processes, and procedures to monitor for conditions that require attention. Clients expect proactive service at all times and for that every MSP works around delivering the automation and monitoring tools that helps the clients with uninterrupted services. The responsibility of a NOC can also react when it detects a service disruption and then he takes steps to restore service or escalate issues to the right personnel.

A NOC is important because it:

•Helps your team provide more proactive service and monitoring
•Minimize downtime to customer systems
•Results in increased service margins by reducing labour expenses through automation
•NOC provides seamless and stress-free IT and networking keeping the business running smoothly 24/7
•By these outsourced support services like network monitoring and online server support they are able to reduce their technical faults before they occur.
•Your confidential data will remain secured
Flightcase can help you attain all the above with our NOC services and outsourcing the same will enable you to have a cost effective team of NOC personnel who will be taking care of your network operations 24/7 proactively addressing all the issues that could take place.

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