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1888 PressRelease – Brayden’s Magical Jungle, the newest release from author Anita Ann Caruso, features a delightfully captivating story based on one of her great-grandchildren.

In today’s technology-filled environments, getting children interested in traditional reading materials can be a real challenge. Author Anita Ann Caruso, with her newly released book, Brayden’s Magical Jungle, has provided an enticing way for young children to find their love of reading once again.

“Brayden’s Magical Jungle has been a labor of love,” said Caruso. “Writing about Brayden, who is based on one of my great-grandchildren, was a true joy and gave me insight into and inspiration for what would appeal to kids of his age.”

The first installment in a new series of children’s books by Caruso, Brayden’s Magical Jungle focuses on the adventures that happen to Brayden when he puts on a magical set of green sunglasses. As soon as the glasses are placed on his face, he is transported to a magical jungle where he and his animal friends have tons of fun and loads of adventures.

Brayden’s Magical Jungle is just the beginning of a series featuring this adorable and relatable character. Soon to be released is Brayden’s Magical Carousel Horse. As Brayden rides on his playroom carousel horse – with help from his magic glasses – he finds himself on a real horse in the center of a three-ring circus. “Writing this series is a true pleasure,” said Caruso. “I love taking the imagination of my family and sharing it with other children who will be captivated by how Brayden sees the world and the possibilities within it.”

Brayden’s Magical Jungle can be purchased online now through SDP Publishing, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. For more information on Anita Ann Caruso, to learn about her book signing schedule, or to hear about release dates for her upcoming books, visit the author’s website,

About the Author
Anita Ann Caruso was an interior designer for more than 40 years and is the author of the memoir As Ever, Pudd: A Love Story That Never Ends, Told in Letters. From the age of ten, she loved to use her imagination to create fun stories and exciting adventures. Being a grandmother to her 31 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren inspired her to write her children’s book.

Brayden’s Magical Jungle is the first in a series of Brayden’s Magical Journey books. In each subsequent book, Brayden will be teamed up with some of his cousins. “With this many great-grandchildren, and I’m sure, more to come, Brayden’s Magical Journey possibilities are endless,” Anita says.

Anita has lived on Cape Cod for 49 years.

Publisher: andrwderalex

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