looking for the perfect gift try a koa wood watch

Koa, the wood once reserved for the Hawaiian monarchs, is now use to create such imaginative gifts as Koa Wood Watches,Koa Sunglasses, and Koa iPhone and iPad cases. Hand-crafted gifts made with wood are always appreciated more than stuff made in offshore factories using cheap plastic and steel. But, that does not mean you have to sacrifice great style and innovation. Martin & MacArthur, the premier maker of fine Koa furniture in Hawaii, is now making Koa a fashion statement with Koa personal accessories that were never thought possible just a few years ago. www.martinandmacarthur.com
The companys wood watches are made with Koa and other exotic hardwoods such as sandalwood, maple, and rosewood. The company has the most innovative wood watches on the planet. Case in point, it just introduced the very first self-winding,automatic Koa watch with a 21-jewel precision movement and a see-through skeleton face.Check out this amazing Monarch Koa Watch.
WATCHES: Martin & MacArthur also just introduced Koa and exotic Wood Watchesmade with genuine mother of pearl faces and embossed Roman numerals. These elegant wood watches are the most recognized fashion accessory in Hawaii today. Check out this amazing Koa Wood Watch.
 Koa Wood Watches
WATCH STYLES: A wood watch must be stylish. Many novice companies create wood watches that look are clunky and bulky. These cheap wood watches look like something Fred Flintstone would wear. You need to find a reputable company that features a wide variety of wood watches for men and women in all different styles. Your watch must have a clear warranty. If you buy a wood watch with no warranty, you have no place to turn if it needs servicing.
The wood watch must be fully adjustable to fit your wrist. Some companies say that their wood watches are made to be worn loose, and should not be adjusted to your writs size. Baloney! That means the watch is cheaply made and cannot be adjusted. Choose a wood watch from a reputable company that is fully adjustable to fit any size wrist.
One of the finest companies to feature their own wood watches is Martin and MacArthur. When you buy a Martin & MacArthur watch you get a FREE KOA BOX. Our Hawaii craftsmen create beautiful Koa wood boxes for our solid Koa watches. The Koa box comes FREE with the purchase of any Koa watch. After all, it is only fitting that our Koa watches come in boxes made with the exact same Koa. Only at our stores and right here.
SUNGLASSES: For something truly cool, Martin & MacArthur has a full line of Koa and hard wood sunglasses made with its own private stock of wood. These premium Koa sunglassesoffer full spectrum UVA/UVB protection from the harmful sunrays. The company has both rimless and full-rim styles for men and women.Koa Sunglasses available here.
The most innovative product is the company’s Koa iPhone and iPad cases. These amazing cases are made with solid carved Koa wood and fit the shape of the iPhone models exactly. Even better, the company has the only iPad and iPad Mini cases made with solid Koa and premium calfskin leather in a variety of colors. This season, the best gifts are hand-crafted from Hawaii’s Koa wood by the finest craftsmen in Hawaii – Martin & MacArthur.

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By Michael Tam, an avid wood watch collector.Michael has over 25 different wood watches, but his most prized wood watches are the Martin & MacArthur Moon Phase and Automatic, Self-Winding wood watches. www.martinandmacarthur.com

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