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Blood Cancer Remedies
Blood is a combination of the blood cells and Plasma. Blood cells are formed in the bone marrow. According to the functional classification, three types of cells are the blood constituents. These are: RBC’s are responsible for gaseous exchange. Leucocytes are associated with the defense system of body and Platelets stop bleeding by forming a clot.

What is Leukemia?
It is a disease in which bone marrow of an effected person makes immature WBCs.

Why it occurs?
The protein’s structure of a WBC is copied from the DNA during protein synthesis. If the sequence of message is changed in DNA, known as mutation, the protein which is synthesized as a result will be unable to function properly hence a cancerous cell is formed.

You can have Leukemia treatment options depending on patient’s age, health and its type. Leukemia treatment may include: – chemotherapy, cells transplant, radiation therapy etc.

Certain chemicals are inserted into blood via vein or mouth at regular intervals in the first week of Chemotherapy. It kills almost all the cancerous cells afterwards second phase is introduced to kill left over cancerous cells in brain and spinal cord. It might cause hair loss, mouth sores and vulnerability to disease due to low count of defensive cells.

A stem cell from the bone marrow of a healthy donor is transplanted into the bone marrow of the affected. The stem cells of the donor and acceptor are matched through a special blood test before transplantation to reduce the risk of blood antigen mismatch.
If the cancerous cells are spread to Brain and Spinal cord then the scheduled dose of X-rays radiation is given which kills cancerous cells and restricts their formation.

It depends on person’s condition and disease acuteness to choose a type of treatment for Leukemia.

Publisher: Fadiyah Sameh

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