jury consultant should be smart but act clever

Melissa Pigott Point of View

A long time ago, when I first began my career as a Jury Consultant, my very tough minded boss told me something that has always resonated with me as I have pursued my long career. He said, “The clients know you/we are smart, after all, we all have Ph. D.s, but what you/we must always prove to them is how very clever you/we are.” Being smart, but acting clever, is something that doesn’t come easily to some people, but it is this distinction that often sets apart those of us who are successful at what we do from others who are less willing or able to reveal their cleverness to other people, most important, clients.

Our clients have numerous choices of whom to hire for help; the field of jury/trial consultation has grown exponentially over the decades I have been working. Something must be unique about the person(s) who provide the services to the clients. It can be a unique way of looking at the world; the ability to analyze and interpret conflicting data (and the understanding that “data” is a plural word!); or a take charge personality that communicates a willingness to help the client in ways no one else can help. If I, as a highly intelligent, highly educated person, cannot do and say clever things that communicate “I know something you don’t know” to my clients, then there is no reason they should retain my company and me instead of all of the other people who would love to perform their consulting work. In the words of the late owner of a famous steak house chain, “it is the sizzle that makes the steak.”

David H.Fauss Point of view

Being clever as a Trial Consultants requires the ability to view the case issues from perspectives beyond those of the clients. Time and time again clients tell us they had never thought of their cases in the ways we helped them see the case. These clever insights come from being attuned to both the reactions of the fact finders, which are usually mock jurors, as well as to knowledge and experience from other cases with other clients. And, very importantly, by being tuned into the bigger picture. One way to do this is be well read, both in professional journals, but also in the news of the day.

Being aware of how our clients’ cases may be impacted by outside forces or other events helps put the instant case in perspective. Lawyers usually come to Trial Consultants with plenty of experience and legal expertise; sometimes the trial teams are huge. But, as probably happens in non legal work also, the people closest to the issue get tunnel vision. As consultants we use data and other expertise to help provide a broader perspective. Over the years we have interviewed and sometimes hired very intelligent, well educated people, who perhaps had their own tunnel vision – they were too academically oriented. So, the key to success is to be clever, and smart. And, show it. Melissa ends talking about sizzle, and I agree, but I will add there must be substance behind that sizzle. Thus, the caveat, there are, unfortunately those who only sell the sizzle, without having the substance – they are to be avoided.

Author Bio:

The writers Melissa Pigott and David H. Fauss are the co-founding partners of Magnus Research Consultants, Inc., and Magnus Graphics, Inc. Magnus Research provides jury research and Trial Consulting Services for civil and criminal litigation.

Magnus’ research is customized, on a case specific basis, to maximize the results of litigation. Magnus scientifically evaluates jurors or fact finders (arbitrators, mediators) responses to case issues by using attitude surveys, focus groups, mock trials, and mock arbitrations to develop case strategies, themes, voir dire questions, and more. Voir dire consultation and witness preparation are also available. Magnus’ provides Insights for Successful Litigation®.

Magnus has worked on cases throughout the United States, in both federal and state courts. The Magnus team takes pride in providing quality work. Please visit www.magnusweb.com for more information.

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