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The CWA ICWA course at the Foundation level comprises of only theoretical examinations. The applicant needs to study 6 subjects that are arranged into 4 papers of 100 marks each. To pass, a student needs to obtain a minimum of 40% in each paper and an aggregate of 50% in all the papers together, failing to which the applicant needs to reappear in all the papers again. The applicant has to get through these to be eligible to go for the next level, i.e. intermediate.

Syllabus of CWA Course

Few years back, the syllabus of CWA course was theoretical, however, from 2008 onwards ICWAI has changed the entire syllabus. Now, the syllabus of this course is aimed to provide a theoretical as well as practical training. The students also liked this change in syllabus from only practical to practical-cum-theoretical and appreciated it. It’s essential for any professional course to offer practical knowledge. The syllabus for this specific course is designed quite well from the presentation and content point of view. By making essential change in the syllabus, the applicants are now taking more interest as it’s now designed in self explanatory way. The payment offered to the applicants of the CWA is also more than the payment given to the CAs.

The syllabus of the ICWAI greatly focuses on providing more and more information based on the industrial and manufacturing sector. The syllabus also offers better knowledge on accounts as well as taxation. CWA is a course for the industry and its scope is really very bright. The Cost and Work Accountant also has a very bright future as there is an important need of a cost accountant in every industry as well as manufacturing units. Their work is not only restricted to evaluate the cost of a product but they take the required suggestions to control the cost as well.

Details for CWA Exams

The exams for this professional course are conducted by the Institute of Cost and Work Accountants of India. The minimum qualification required to appear is to clear the 12th class in any stream. After clearing the 12th class, the applicants can appear for the entrance exams of the CWA, i.e. CWA PBA or Foundation. The CWA Foundation program has 4 papers of 100 marks each. To clear this program, a student is required to get a minimum of 40 marks and an aggregate of 50% in the papers together. The student then gets admission in the intermediate level one he/she clears this level. This level is also called as CWA BAC. Here, there are 6 papers in total that are arranged in 2 levels having three papers in each level. An applicant having a graduation or post graduation degree can get direct admission in the CWA inter level and after qualifying for the CWA inter program, training is provided to the students and it’s only after undergoing training, the students can appear for the CWA final exams.

The CWA exams are comparatively easier than the CA and CS exams. The ICWA qualified students hold the top management positions in the public and private sector companies. They get the post of Finance Manager, Cost Controller and Chief Internal Auditor, etc. The CWA candidates who don’t want to serve the companies can get a Ph.D degree and can work in the education field as lecturers and professors. To achieve a good career in CWA, it’s important to enroll in one of the best classes for CWA inter in Pune where you will get the best Test Series for CWA Foundation in Pune that will help you to clear the course with flying colors.


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