introduction to internet

What is the Internet?

•The Internet is a worldwide computer network.
•It is a network of networks.
•There is no central control; all the computers and sub-networks are linked together on a voluntary basis.
•These computers use the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) as the method of connecting to each other and transferring information.

How the Internet Works?

• IP Address

–Because the internet is a network, each computer must have a unique address just like any node on a network.
–Every Computer has an IP address, that is unique; for example the IP address of is
•When the request is issued it first goes to a server that determines the address of the remote server
•Then it goes to a router that “routes” it to the destination.
•With Visual Route you can see the routers implicated and their place in the world

What does the Internet Offer?

Servers on the Internet can provide the following services to the users that logon to them:
•FTP – The File Transfer Protocol is an efficient way to send or receive files from another computer.
•E-mail – Provides electronic mail services which include mailing lists (listservs®) and discussion groups.
•Newsgroups – These are organized “discussion” forums, sometimes called USENET, and are very narrowly classified by subject, such as Microsoft, public, windows xp, general.
•World Wide Web – Servers that use the HTTP to exchange files are part of the largest group users on the Internet. These computers “serve” HTML files, which are rendered as “web” pages on the user’s local computer.

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