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Lenovo with its stylish design, multi-core processors, peerless display technology and a great battery life has been a major player in the market. Lenovo mobile phones price in UAE have generally remained stable due to its clear display of its various features in a clear manner at the right price.
Its series A – Affordable, P- Professional, S – Stylish series has helped the customer provide a clear distinction in making a choice as per what one wants.
The Affordable series is easy to use and offers more for less and has various models on offer in that series.
The Professional series, promises a longer battery life, so one can remain connected on road and in office. The powerful processors keep the smartphone performance based and multi functional.
The Stylish series offers a slim and beautiful design of smart phone. They promise an experience of gaming, entertainment, music plus long battery life and high resolution pictures.
Lastly, their VIBE Series features the most powerful processors. Full HD displays and innovative camera technology helps shoot, share with precision.
Lenovo’s custom details and constant innovation has managed to acquire one of the major mobile market shares in UAE.
Lenovo mobile phones price in UAE has mostly remained stable due to the differentiation in their product lines. Starting from as low as AED.200 for the Lenovo Mobile price in UAE, it offers various options to the customers of all range and varying needs. Its clear distinction of features through various series has helped in tapping the right customers at the right price.

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