how vitamin a is good for health

Vitamin A is also called as retinol. It is an essential fat soluble vitamin.
• It is required for the proper growth of bones.
• It is essential for reproductive and immune system health.
• It is also good for healthy vision.
• It reduces the risk of developing certain type of cancers.
• It is necessary for the healthy skin.
It can be obtained from
• Green leafy vegetables and other yellow, red and orange vegetables, such as spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes and red peeper etc.
• Fruits, including apricot, papaya and mango.
• Dairy products
• Low-fat cereals
• Oily fish
• Meat products
The amount of vitamin A required by a person depends on his age and the reproductive status. Recommended intakes of vitamin A for people of different age groups are as follows.
• People of age above 14 and of older age should take 700-900 mcg of vitamin A per day of retinol activity equivalents (RAE).
• Recommended intake for women range between 1200-1300 RAE.
• Recommended intake for infants and children below 14 years of age should be very low.
Vitamin A deficiency
• Its deficiency causes the problem of night blindness.
• It also causes opportunistic infectious diseases such as pneumonia and measles.

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