how to write a reaction paper

There’s more to a good reaction paper than just, well, your reaction. You could submit a paper that’s just full of rants, but if you want to get a better grade, follow the instructions below:

1. Introduce the topic or issue

Before you put your opinions out there, your readers should know that the topic or issue is all about. On the first part of your paper, you must introduce and/or discuss the issue. Put all the necessary facts and details that will give the readers and idea of what the scenario is. Before you get into the subjective stuff, put in all the objective stuff first.

2. Discuss where the conflict arises

Most reaction papers tend to focus on an issue or conflict. So before you really dive into giving your opinions, discuss thoroughly why there is a conflict to begin with. Think of this part as the “statement of the problem.”

3. Choose a side

Here is where the opinonated part of the paper starts. Choose a side. You can not be neutral about an issue. Yes, there is a positive and negative side to everything, but you still have to choose. Whether you agree or disagree, in the pro side or con side, indicate it in your paper. If you really are neutral, choose the side you can discuss more for the sake of the paper. Then you can discuss the other side too, but make sure to contradict it.

4. Support your opinions with facts

This is what makes a reaction paper worth reading. Whenever you put an opinon, support it with facts. Say, you’re writing a paper about the morality of euthanasia. If you think this is wrong and immoral, state why. Along with your own reasoning, you can quote some statements of the church or some doctrines that support your own view. By doing this, you make a stronger argument.

5. Let it all out

In the end, it’s still a reaction paper. So don’t hold back and let all your feelings, opinions, thoughts, views and rants on the topic be written. Other thank making your opinions heard, you also end up writing a longer and substantial paper.

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