how to stop wasting time on twitter

Social media has almost a hypnotic distraction power. On Twitter, for example, you can scroll through your feed for as long as you want or rather until you realize what you are doing.

In order to diminish the power online networks have on you, try these tips:

1. Create Twitter lists so you won’t get distracted by things or people you don’t really want to see.

2. Set time limits. A 15 minutes session should be more than enough in order to catch up with the latest tweets.

3. Don’t just waste your time there. If you can’t help yourself, at least leave a mark. Post something, update your status, make a comment or respond to comments.

4. Don’t stop your activity for Twitter. You may not realize this, but pausing your activity in order to check the latest tweets is extremely contra-productive. If you stop whatever you are doing in order to post a picture or a comment about it, you may find yourself still working at the end of the day. Studies say that it takes about 23 minutes to get back in the mood for whatever you were doing before going online. If you’re posting multiple times per day, try to rake together how many hours you have wasted.

5. Don’t leave your Twitter page open. If you don’t have to post something, log out. As long as it’s there, you won’t be able to focus on what you should really be doing.

Recent studies have shown that people nowadays waste at least 20 percent of their work time on social media. Can you imagine how much time they are wasting when don’t have anything else to do?!

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