how to setup windows 10 to work with ios and android

The day has at last arrived. You have your Windows 10 establishment booted up, arranged to your careful determinations, and tweaked to suit your requirements best. But what can we say about the cell phone integration? That is the place Microsoft’s new Phone Companion App becomes possibly the most important factor.

The Phone Companion application on Windows 10 desktops will offer you to setup your Windows, Android, or iPhone to guarantee your key Windows encounters your photographs, your music, your documents move easily wherever you go.

After you have logged in to your device simply start the Windows 10 Phone companions.

Select your device out of the three main devices Android, iPhone or the Windows itself.

On the very next screen you will notice the apps and programs that can be synced with your device.

You can easily select the apps and stuff you want to sync.

The next screen will show you that the sync process has started.

You will easily be able to sync all your favourite pics, music and all the useful stuff in a matter of seconds.

Publisher: Fadiyah Sameh

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