how to setup or configure vpn virtual private network client for windows xp client

VPN – Virtual Private Network is a private network that uses a secure public network (internet) to connect remote site, an alternative way of leased line. VPN client would connect a remote server via public network (internet).

Configuring VPN connection in Windows XP client;

1. Click Start -> Control Panel. Double click Network Connections to open the Network Connections Console.

2. In the left panel, click on New Connection to open New Connection wizard. Click Next.

3. Check “Connect to the network at my work place” option. Click Next.

4. Check “Virtual Private Network connection” option. Click Next.

5. Type the Company name or name to identify the connection. Click Next.

6. Type the Public IP address of your VPN/RAS server. Click Next.

7. Check the create desktop short cut and click Finish.

8. Double click the VPN short cut created on your desktop to connect.

Note: to connect to VPN server, you must have a remote access permissions.

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