how to setup and configure site to site vpn

Site – To – Site VPN is used when there is a need for VPN connection between to sites both location exchanging connections back and forth and both locations have VPN or RAS server. In this tutorial, we will use the location A and B as an example.

To Configure Site-to-Site VPN between location A and location B, follow these steps:

1. Connect to VPN/RAS server in location A.

2. Click Start -> All Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Routing & Remote Access.

3. Configure VPN for location A VPN/RAS server.

4. Double click the Server object and make sure that “Router” and “Remote Access” check boxes are checked.

5. Enable enough PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) for use with Demand-dial. To do this, double click Ports, check “Remote access connections and Demand-dial routing connections”. Type maximum number of Ports to connect to.

6. Enable Demand-dial Interface;

a. Right click Network Interfaces and click New Demand-dial Interface.

b. Click Next to continue Demand-dial Interface Wizard.

c. Type the Interface name (eg. Location A) and click Next.

d. Select Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) and click Next.

e. Type IP address of location B VPN server or destination IP.

f. Check the Protocols and Security options apply (check both) and click Next.

g. Type the dial-in password for location B to connect location A and click Next.

h. Type the dial-out password for location A to connect location B and click Next.

i. Click Next and click Finish.

7. Setup the Static Routes to acknowledge the network of location A in location B and vise versa.

a. Right click Static Routes and click New Static Route.

b. Select location A in the Interface field.

c. Type the network ID and sub mask of location B in the Destination field and click Ok.

8. Configure VPN for location B VPN/RAS server.

8. Enable the Demand-dial interface for location B same as we for location A. Follow the same process.

9. Setup the remote access policy for both locations.

10. Create two remote users for location A & B to run the VPN connection.

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