how to protect your laptop against viruses

All of us who use laptops on a daily basis would know how a virus can hamper a laptop’s performance. Even a minor mistake can trigger a virus in your system and some viruses are so strong that they can delete all your important files, eventually leading to a complete system failure. So it’s better that you take all precautions possible to ensure that your computer is not under the threat of viruses. Downloading an anti-virus software is a mandatory step that you need to follow. Without an anti-virus solution your laptop is extremely vulnerable to viruses. So make sure that prior to using the internet on your laptop, you install this software. Apart from installing anti-virus software you can take the following measures to protect your laptop as well.

Never open e-mails from Unknown Sources:

We all get multiple mails every day. Most of these mails find their way into the junk mail folder. But if by chance you have a mail from an unknown source in your inbox, be very cautious about opening it. These mails are probably one of the most common ways through which viruses and other malware infiltrate your laptops. The viruses can be in the form of a text document, pictures, power-point presentations or even videos. So it’s better if you don’t download any attachments from mails with unknown sources.
If you feel that the mail from the unknown source is relevant then first scan it using the anti-virus software to be sure. Deleting these mails is a better option though.

Don’t Download Software from Unsecured Websites:

When you browse the internet you would often come across pop-ups that ask you to download various things. You might not know most of the software that you are asked to download. So don’t get attracted to the advertisement and download software that you have no idea about. Go to your laptop settings and switch on the firewall option. This will protect your laptop from websites that look untrustworthy.

Download Certified Anti-Virus Software:

Apart from making sure that you don’t download anything from unknown sources you need to ensure that you have the correct anti-virus software downloaded. There are a lot of false programs available online. These are actually viruses pretending to be anti-virus software. Such software is extremely dangerous as it is sophisticated enough to generate messages that resemble your web browser messages.
These viruses give you various instructions as your web browser and make you contaminate your laptop step by step. At the end of the process you will see a blue screen on your laptop indicating a system crash. It is extremely easy to fall in the trap of such fake software so be extremely cautious when you buy your anti-virus. Don’t get lured by the word free attached to the download. Instead purchase reputed anti-virus software from a trusted website.

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