how to know when to let go

It may be difficult, but there really comes a time wherein you just have to let go.

1. When it’s just not gonna happen
Sometimes, even our best efforts come off short. If that job is still not your after working so hard, and that person simply has somebody else in mind, you have to realize that some things are just not going to happen. Like Pablo Neruda said: “Let us forget with generosity those who cannot love us.” Some things will stay out of our reach and some people really won’t feel the same way. Move on and look on the bright side; there are bound to be greater and much better things for you.

2. When everyone else has moved on but you
By this time, everyone has already carried on with their life. It’s about time you do the same. You can’t keep living in the past for life only moves forward. You deserve happiness—and much of it is in store in the future.

3. When they’re happy and you’re suffering
If it causes you too much pain than joy, then you have to do yourself a favor and let go. Don’t be a martyr. You can’t keep on telling yourself that you have to endure the pain, mainly because of your love for the other person. But you too deserve to be happy—and it’s okay if you can’t find that fulfilling sense of joy here. It might take a while, but letting go can lift that heavy burden off of your chest and help you towards finding happiness again.

Publisher: pauline c. tome

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