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Online dating has been a total game changer in the dating world since the early 2000s. It made finding a partner—just like shopping, getting information, reading and lots of other things one can do on the internet—a lot easier. In the United States alone, a study from the University of Chicago showed that a third of the total number of married couples actually met online. That’s tens of thousands of people, just from 2005 to 2012—and these statistics are continually increasing. More and more people turn to the internet to find their perfect match, and if you are one of them, here are a few must-dos in order to find someone to marry online.

1. Sign up on Dating Sites

The number one way to meet “the one” is through dating sites. Sure, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can help you reach thousands of people, but it’s not exactly targeted on dating, but mainly on communication and in building a network. Before you land on a profile of somebody who’s available and are into the same things that you like, it’s going to take a long while. These dating sites, no matter their variety, have a common purpose: to help you find someone. A dating site is your best option; it’s just a matter of choosing the right one that works best for you.

2. Create a “Totally Me” Profile

First impressions may not always be correct, but they are bound to last. In order to make that awesome first impression on your potential partner, create a profile that will make you stand out of the dating site’s roster and yet clearly shows who you are. Of course, it’s always “the best foot forward” when it comes to dating, but it is also important to showcase yourself—you, the real you. Post some good photos of yourself to catch someone’s eye. Include your hobbies, skills, favorites and even political and religious beliefs as these are the ones that will further test your compatibility with others. It’s also important to include what you really want out life. Are you someone who’s just looking for a random hook up or someone to casually date? Or are you someone who’s willing to settle down?
Make sure all of these are factual and totally reflect your personality. Other than helping you find someone with the same interests, creating a profile that’s totally you will avoid conflict. You wouldn’t want some conflicting details to come up when you meet with your partner face to face, now would you? Don’t be a poser.

3. Scour the Dating Site

Aside from creating a profile that will enable your future partner to find you, the best next thing to do is to meet him/her halfway. Most of the dating sites will give you a list of potential matches, but it’s always best to go beyond that. Explore the dating site; look for people with the same interests as you. Strike up a conversation with different people ‘til you narrow it down to one person that makes you excited every time you open your computer.

4. Take it Further

Once you already have someone you constantly talk to, someone you want to know better and possibly want to be with in the near future, take it further. It’s about time to take that relationship out of the dating site. You can now try to communicate through e-mail, through Facebook or even through the phone. It all depends on how open you are in sharing information. My advice is to move forward just bit by bit. Start talking through e-mails or maybe through Skype. If you’re comfortable enough, add them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Then if you know the person well enough—and/or are sure of his/her identity and basic background information—that’s the time to communicate using your personal phone numbers. And when you’re definitely sure about this person, go meet up for coffee and go on a real date. Who knows? Maybe this person you met on the internet may be your better half after all.

Publisher: pauline c. tome

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