How to enable or disable remote management on windows server 2012 or 2008r2

Run this Powershell command in Powershell Console as an administrator or privileged mode.

Configure-SMRemoting.exe -Enable

To disable remote management on a server, run this command on powershell

Configure-SMRemoting.exe -Disable

You can also enable or disable remote management on the server Manager.
1) Open the Server Manager
2) Select Local Server from the left pane
3) Click Enable or Disable on the link right of the Remote Management link

Use this command to get the current remote management status:
Configure-SMRemoting.exe -Get

Enable or Disable Remote Management using sconfig.exe
Sconfig is another powerful command that allows to manager your server from command.

1) Type Sconfig in Powershell
2) Select option 4 (Configure Remote Management) and hit enter
3) Select option 1 enable or option 2 to disable

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