how to backup an extreme networks switch

See bellow the steps to backup your Extreme Networks Switch configuration file to an TFP server.

1. Logon to the switch
2. Verify configruation by issing show switch command

* Slot-2 ExtremeSwitch.10 # show switch

SysName: ExtremeSwitch
SysLocation: My Room
SysContact: Abdirahman Isse
System MAC: 02:04:96:98:75:X8
System Type: X460-48p (Stack)

SysHealth check: Enabled (Normal)
Recovery Mode: All
System Watchdog: Enabled

Current Time: Fri Nov 28 12:10:14 2014
Timezone: [Auto DST Enabled] GMT Offset: -300 minutes, name is not set.
DST of 60 minutes is currently not in effect, name is not set.
DST begins every second Sunday March at 2:00
DST ends every first Sunday November at 2:00

Boot Time: Sun Nov 16 19:46:31 2014
Boot Count: 16
Next Reboot: None scheduled
System UpTime: 11 days 16 hours 23 minutes 43 seconds

Slot: Slot-2 * Slot-1
———————— ————————
Current State: MASTER BACKUP (In Sync)

Image Selected: primary primary
Image Booted: primary primary
Primary ver:
Secondary ver:

Config Selected: primary.cfg
Config Booted: primary.cfg

primary.cfg Created by ExtremeXOS version
431226 bytes saved on Fri Nov 28 08:30:16 2014
* Slot-2 ExtremeSwitch.11 #

3. create a backup of the active image file, primary.cfg in this case.

Slot-2 ExtremeSwitch.13 # save configuration primary-backup
Do you want to save configuration to primary-backup.cfg? (y/N) Yes
Saving configuration on master ………………………. done!
Synchronizing configuration to backup …………. done!

The current selected default configuration database to boot up the system
(primary.cfg) is different than the one just saved (primary-backup.cfg).
Do you want to make primary-backup.cfg the default database? (y/N) No
Default configuration database selection cancelled.
Slot-2 ExtremeSwitch.14 #

4. Respond Yes to create the new file and No to boot the switch to the new file as showing above.
5. Issue ls command to verify the new file is created

Slot-2 ExtremeSwitch.14 # ls
-rw-rw-rw- 1 root root 431284 Nov 28 12:22 primary-backup.cfg
-rw-rw-rw- 1 root root 431226 Nov 28 08:30 primary.cfg
-rw-rw-rw- 1 root root 431284 Nov 28 12:22 secondary.cfg
drwxrwxrwx 2 root root 0 Nov 17 03:48 vmt

1K-blocks Used Available Use%
121824 3212 118612 3%
Slot-2 ExtremeSwitch.15 #

6. Backup the new configraution file to to tftp server.

Slot-2 ExtremeSwitch.16 # tftp -v “VR-Default” -p -l primary-backup.cfg
Uploading primary-backup.cfg to … done!
Slot-2 ExtremeSwitch.16 #

The parameters in the command above are:
-v select virtual router
-p put file
-l local file

You could also use this command: tftp put vr “VR-Default” primary-backup.cfg to transfer the backup to remote tftp computer.

7. Verify the file is transferred over to your tftp server.

Publisher: abdirahman isse

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