how much iron should you take

Iron is an essential nutrient.
 It is required to transport oxygen throughout the body because it is main component of hemoglobin.
 It is also required for healthy skin, hairs and nails.
Iron can be obtained from
 Dry fruits
 Whole grains
 Meat products
 Dark green leafy vegetables
Recommended amount of iron for males and females is given below.
 Men should take 8.7mg/day
 Women should take 14.8mg/day
Iron deficiency
 Its deficiency slows down the normal functioning of the body.
 It can cause anemia.
 It causes weakness and muscle fatigue.
 It also affects the immune system.
Excess amount of iron also creates problems like
 Vomiting
 Constipation
 Nausea
 Stomach pain

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