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Marketing and revenue generating go along side by side these days, not long ago it was considered to be one of the most costly part of doing business, but times have changed and so have the concepts of people. They are more educated and more aware of what to buy and where to buy. Even then there are way’s from which you can generate revenue through marketing.

Following are Some Useful Tips

Here are a few helpful pointers that can show you how to generate revenue from marketing. This whole process is to target both buyers and marketers. To find out which side is interested in what kind of information. It is the information selling that helps to bring revenue.

Inbound Strategy

This is one of the main methods in earning revenue by generating inbound leads through online marketing, which consists of social media, search engines, directories, etc.. Once you have created a strong lead it is best to nurture it by making contact with you clients through email, phone calls or postal mail.
This starts a process called inbound inquiry which is sending them email invites that consists of a free-web seminar or whitepaper. Helping you make a list building of what the buyers and marketers need and what information you should concentrate on selling.


Getting referrals can be obtained by satisfied customers, which can be obtained through positive campaigns, surveys and emails that you sent out. Even if some people aren’t ready to buy yet they would at least inform those who are also looking for this information and are ready to buy. In other words once you get a good amount of people who are interested they will surely spread the word for you.

Sell Useful Information

Focus on providing people with the information they want and be spot on. A method known as data mining, first collect the right information then break it down to pieces and sort it out. The more accurate the information is the more customers will trust and have confidence in.

Re-Sell, Cross-Sell your customers

Keep creating fresh campaign’s to find new referrals and leads but don’t forget about your old customers. Maintaining should be a vital part as to not lose your old customers as they would still generating new leads and referrals. So send them a letter or email of appreciation tell them you care about their efforts and if you have something new to sell don’t forget to mention it. This way old and new customers will stay connected with you.

Finding accurate leads

Getting accurate leads which are interested in the information your offering can be bought through sales list, but here’s a little problem they don’t know about you or your company. So offer them accurate and clear information about what your company offers and sells. This will build their trust and capture their interests. You can send them email through campaigns, make phone calls or simply use inbound method.

Publisher: Fadiyah Sameh

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