how lemon is good for health

o Lemon contains vitamin C that helps the immune system to work properly.
o Fibers present in lemon act as antibacterial agents.
o It also assists in digestion and promotes the production of bile.
o It helps to maintain pH levels in the body.
o A glass of lemon juice in the morning helps to remove toxins.
o It contains citric acid, calcium, potassium and phosphorus.
o It is very helpful to lose weight.
o Vitamin C present in the lemon enhances the beauty of skin.
o The antiseptic properties of lemon juice help to kill off bad bacteria in the mouth. In this way it acts as disinfectant.
o It also promotes wound healing in the body.
o Lemon water serves as liver cleanser by helping in detoxification.
o The potassium contents of lemon are good for heart health.
o Lemon juice provides energy.

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