how internet security affect on our life

The Internet, presently a tremendous asset to human life. Internet provides access to comprehensive information literally as within fingertips. It would be better to explain as , that Internet plays host to one of the great discoveries of the 20th Century; e-commerce. Besides having the ability to access virtually limitless information at our fingertips. E-commerce means we can buy everything while sitting at home. No doubt it is a very appealing concept, in the beginning people feared that placing credit card details and bank details into a “black hole”, was just a risk. IN spit of all security levels , the risk still existed.
None can deny that internet explored numerous new horizon making life easier It has revolutionized the ways in which we communicate, learn, shop and indeed, has altered just about every aspect of our daily lives. It is arguable whether any previous invention has had such an impact upon the ways in which human beings live their lives, at least in such a short period of time. It is regrettable if perhaps inevitable, however, that such an innovation as the Internet will also bring with it its down side – even darker side – and that where it has served to bring so many positives to the world in which we all live, and equally the Internet has had a negative impact on our society.

All invention has certain positive and negative aspects. The discussion on pros and cones may take too many pages which surely loose interest of readers. So leaving aside positive side, which many of us know, let us enlighten the possibilities which may bring collateral disasters or damages to humanity. One must analyze which invention has more cones (Missile, Atom bomb, Drone etc.)! Internet and different apps (good or bad) has completely captured human life and activities. May be it is Missile, drone, or nuclear technologies , and on other hand is internet shopping , watching movies along with many other entertainments. Only the difference is that a one is that where minor mistake can lead to the entire destruction of this planet and other provide entertainments.
So, power grids water utilities, and critical infrastructure should never be connected to the Internet. In case of any mistake or malpractice, town or city can face horrible consequences.
“We are at the point where it may no longer be possible to live without dependence on the Internet, even if you live at the end of a dirt road but still all need it. The Internet is not a “take it or leave it” proposition, “You either get it, warts and all, or you get nothing,” he said.
Keeping in view the security perspective, it sounds like a no-brainer that machines controlling our critical infrastructure should not be accessible over the Internet, a plum target for cyber-criminals and hackers interested in wreaking havoc. Instead all systems have a manual fallback, where humans can still step in and take charge. In some cases, it is actually better for security, if people are still in the loop and everything is not automated.
The inability to allow manual fallback, for the task to be completed by a person instead of relying on automated processes, introduces risk.
Usually people try to escape from their existing problem and try to drown worries in internet. It would be better to analyze situation and tackle it rather than avoiding it.
Spend some quality time with the friends and family so that you can avoid the usage of internet.
Try to involve yourself in your hobbies and make something exciting out of it. This would help you to reduce time spent on internet and help you to enhance your creativity.
Face to face interaction is always beneficial rather than information available in the internet.
Internet can fulfill your requirements and can be really helpful at times. It is a convenient process through which you can acquire information. But internet keeps you aloof from the real world as you can only gain knowledge through it rather than experiencing it. Though our lives depend on the internet but it should be avoided at certain time.

Publisher: sulaiman isse

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