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Managed Services is the proactive management of any IT asset or object of an organization, by a third party typically termed as a Managed Service Provider, on behalf of a customer.

The reason why any Telecom operators turn to managed services increasingly is in order to manage converging network and IT architecture.
The Operators are increasingly turning to managed services to reduce complexity in their IT and network environments and manage operational costs. The IT outsourcing managed services market in telecom is expected to exceed $12 billion by the end of 2016, driven by operators targeting data center functions integrated with network operations for increased operational efficiency.
Today is a competitive world and all the operators need to innovate faster to retain customers. Also, it is important to expand wherever possible, geographically or by expanding the variety of services in their bucket, particularly through cloud and digital content services, to tap new markets. Operators at this point know that in order to increase the focus on innovation and efficiency, operating networks or IT data centers is not their core business. The better approach for them would rather be to reassign their staff to cater to customers by improving on service, innovating products or extending the reach of the business models. Hence, these operators gain efficiencies to implement this strategy by turning over noncore operations to IT managed services providers

Another major reason that is leading to the adoption of managed services is the inherent security risks of deploying cloud environments, SDN and NFV in networks. In one of the surveys conducted, Data security was reported as a challenge when transitioning to cloud. Efficiencies enabled by outsourcing give operators added scalability, as many operators indicated that they use managed services to extend their geographic reach and focus more on their core business processes. They also leverage these services for the expansion of their enterprise services offerings for the revenue growth.
In order to help operators to maximize their efficiency, IT Managed services suppliers must have capabilities and credibility in outsourced network and IT functions. As operators understand and plan for new technology implementation in converged environments, they expect increasing competency from their suppliers.
The vision of any MSP is to increase their revenue and find partners who will provide the support that would result in their success. MSPs understand and acknowledge that the solutions must meet the ever-evolving needs of their customers, provide healthy margins, and reduce the need for additional resources
For any service , resources delivering valuable service to their customer is the most important aspect. MSPs know that their businesses won’t be successful if they do not have right resources and support from their partners. Hence, they look for and associate with partners with superior support, sales enablement tools and other resources, to ensure they’re making the best margins, acquiring new business on a regular basis and maintaining high customer-retention rates.
We at Flightcase understand that MSP like us need to find viable solutions and regarded as trustworthy experts if we need to generate additional business from the current accounts and acquire new business. And so we go above and beyond to offer a range of our services to our customers need and provide them with high levels of support to service they demand.

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