green tea let your skin drink up its benefits

Most people are aware of the health benefits of green tea. In fact, various types of tea were even used as medicine in East Asia for centuries, and today, green tea is still being promoted as one of the best ways to organically improve one’s own health. However, what is not so well known are the dermatological benefits of green tea.

What Are The Skin Care Benefits of Green Tea?

A lot of people may not be aware of this, but green tea can be used to improve one’s skin and give it a more healthy appearance. This is because aside from helping the body’s immune system, green tea leaves also contain substances and nutrients which allow it to protect skin tissue from being damaged. Having said that, the skin care benefits of green tea can be summarized in the following manner:

•It Protects Our Skin From The Sun’s Rays
•It Helps Tone Skin and Muscles
•It Helps Reduce Acne as well as The Excessive Growth of Skin Tissues
•It Helps Reduce Psoriasis
•It Helps Reduce Redness
•It Helps Prevent Wrinkles

These benefits come from the free radicals as well as the antioxidants which are found in most green tea leaves. They help reduce inflammation, improve the strength of one’s muscles, prevent the growth of excess skin tissue and help reduce redness of the skin. In particular, antioxidants are particularly useful since they can help reduce the effects of toxic and irritating substances which routinely enter our skin.
Moreover, thanks to the superabundant amount of antioxidants and free radicals found in green tea, they can also be used to prevent the growth and expansion of wrinkles throughout your body. This is partly because green tea leaves helps improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture and at the same time, helps prevent muscle tissues from becoming too tense, which is often the leading cause of wrinkles.

The Antibacterial Content of Green Tea:

In addition to preventing the growth of wrinkles, it’s also worth mentioning that acne and pimples can be treated using green tea thanks to its antibacterial content, which is known as catechins. These “catechins” reduce the over stimulation of skin hormones which are often quite common among young people and teens. Moreover, the overall appearance of one’s skin can also be improved by catechins as well as antioxidants, thus giving you a better complexion.

How Green Tea Can Protect Your Skin from The Sun’s Rays And Other Special Benefits:

As for protecting the skin from the sun’s rays, although substances derived from green tea do not actually block the sun’s rays, they can help prevent further skin damage. This is why some organic sun blocks include green tea as one of their ingredients. Also, because of the benefits that green tea bestows upon the human skin, it’s also occasionally used in the creation of shampoos as well as various kinds of skin care products.
Finally, perhaps the most important benefit of green tea is that it helps block out substances which lead to cancer. Although the data on this is still inconclusive, there may be a correlation between green tea and one’s own risks at developing skin cancer and other similar diseases.

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