foods that can remove pimple

In these days pimples are common problem for every girl. But now this is just not for girls, a boy can also suffer from pimple or acne problems. Fruits are essential for our health as well as our skin too. Some fruits or foods can remove this acne problem and can give you a better skin.


As we know water is more important than any other foods or things. For living we need water. From animal to people everyone need water. Water is the best way to get reduce from acne problem. 8 glass of water drinking a day can cure acne problem. You can also thaw out all kind of acne toxins.

Green Tea

Green tea is the greatest detox of our body and health. Detox helps to brightens up your skin; it also helps to flushing out all infections and restore shining skins. Green tea is the most powerful and expensive tea, it cures all skin problems and its protective antioxidant properties help to shin more your skin tone.

Whole Grain

Whole grain contains fiber which can protect your skin from acne inflammation. Whole grain has rich selenium which is the naturalistic prescript to cure acne. You should choose whole grain instead of carbs such as barley, brown rice, oats, quinoa and millets.


Vitamin A is the best for healthy skin and vitamin A also prevents the overproduction of cells ostensible layer of skin. Carrots have a rich amount of vitamin A and they are the best food for our clear skin.


People who suffer from acne they have less stomach acids. So probiotic can help to normalize the digestive tract such as yogurt. Yogurt can also help to control the acne.

Acne problems can also be solved by Nuts, Salmon, Cucumber, Strawberries, purple and deep red foods etc.

Publisher: Fadiyah Sameh

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