five little things that will count and help strengthen your relationship

It’s not always about the expensive jewelry or luxurious getaways that will hold your relationship together, sometimes it’s those small daily stuff most people tend to ignore that could bring you more happiness. The list could go on and on but here are five that will definitely help.

1.Positive interest

It will very much hurt your partner if they tell you something so excitedly only for you to turn them down or tell them they are bugging you. No matter how small it might be, show them that you care about what they are onto. Most often than not, they will always have a good attitude.

2.Create your couple time

It’s a busy world were living in with all the hustle and bustle that most couples barley have time for each other . Create some time specifically to connect and reconnect. Offer each other foot massages or back rubs and simply have some alone time while you are at it.

3.Kiss more often

There’s something about kissing that always gives a good connection, even a peck as small as it is always counts. It always reminds your partner, that you can’t get enough of them


When you tell your partner that you love her new heels , or her new shade of lipstick or simply tell your man that you love the way that shirt looks on him, it lifts their spirit and makes them feel loved and appreciated that you actually noticed.


Well, this might mostly go for men, when a man opens a car door for his woman, or pulls a chair at the table in the hotel or simply offer to give her his sweater when she gets cold, it makes her feel appreciated in ways more than one and bring your relationship closer and tighter.

Publisher: Fadiyah Sameh

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